This page is proudly dedicated to those dogs who have overcome the most in their short lives.

Duke and Bailey respectively are some of the worst cases of neglect we have seen at NDR. Here are their stories…



11 year old Bailey the miniature Jack Russel came into our care near the end of last year. She was in a terrible state; filthy, emaciated and with a mouth full of rotten teeth. We believe she was used for breeding, then locked away in a bedroom on her own for years.


She weighed just 2.9 kilos. To begin with, Bailey had an extensive dental in which 7 teeth were removed.  She was put onto a special feeding regime to help her gain weight and build her muscles up. Bailey also needed time to build her confidence; she used to hide under the sofa, never taking her eyes off of you. To sleep, she would curl up into a very tight little ball, waking up every 5 minutes to warily check the room. But, week by week, her confidence grew. She began to explore the garden, play with toys, and enjoy life again.

12 months on, Bailey is full of beans and so loving, most people who meet her think she is a puppy! Her most favourite place to be is in the garden, she loves having a good sniff and then finding herself a patch of sun to lie in and have a snooze. She also loves her walks, her most favourite being a trip to the woods so she can jump through the long grass.

Cases like Bailey can really get you down, but the reward of seeing the changes in these dogs, seeing them happy and loved, makes it all worth it in the end.



8 year old Duke was a little Staffy who we took in during November 2019 and was in the most shocking state. Duke had a severe back injury incurred in his previous life.

Unfortunately, Duke never received the appropriate vet care in this time, thus leaving him with paralysis in his hind legs. Duke used to drag himself around using just his front legs, it was truly heart-breaking to witness. In addition to this, he also had severe infections in both of his ears which has left him with partial hearing.

Duke never let any of this hold him back and a year on, with extensive physiotherapy and a dedicated team of staff and volunteers we achieved the impossible and got Duke walking again! He will always have some trouble walking but his quality of life is 100% improved.


He has never let his disability hold him back and he is one of the happiest, most loving dogs we have ever had at Northumberland Dog Rescue. It took us a while to find Duke his forever home, he had very few enquiries, even after being featured in the local newspapers; it was very sad. But then his special person came along, it was a match made in heaven from day one. Duke is now living his best life and is spoilt rotten by his new mum