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The influx of lockdown dogs means that we have never been busier, and unfortunately a lot of these dogs have extensive behavioural and medical needs- our costs have never been higher. But we strive to never turn a dog away- regardless of breed, behavioural or medical issues. We firmly believe that there is a home out there for every dog. We never discriminate, we never give up. We are here for every dog.


Take Duke, he was a little Staffy we took in a few years ago. He had no mobility in his back end, had crusted over ears due to infection and was skin and bones. It took us 12 months to get Duke walking again- initially we thought he would need wheels, but he defied all expectations and started walking again! Duke is a brilliant example of our ethos at Northumberland Dog Rescue; we never discriminate, we never give up.


Any donation, great or small, is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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